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Linuo 1.0 Age (2003-2007)
Grassroots Entrepreneurship, Hidden Champion
Grassroots entrepreneurship, rapid development, three times of moving, and the sales volume exceeds RMB 100,000,000 Yuan, the hidden champion in pulping paper manufacture industry.

Linuo 2.0 Age (2008-2014)
Leaping Development and Brand
Management transformation and upgrading, modern management mechanism was leaded in, implement fine production, ERP informatization, echelon personnel management; became the leading brand of control value industry; the completion and commissioning of self built new factory; introduce risk investment, finish corporate governance structural readjustment, start up the listing process, became the first stock of the new third board in Wenzhou.

Linuo 3.0 Age (From 2015)
System Integration, New Unbounded
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